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Quick Water Clear Knife Grade Quart
Quick Gelling Water Clear Knife Grade Stone Glue

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1 Quart Quick Clear Knife Grade Polyester

Wood and Stone 1 Quart Quick Clear Knife Grade polyester is a translucent, very thixotropic, high viscosity paste that is UV stable and does not yellow. It has a fast set time and is formulated for both interior and exterior applications which are non-structural in nature. Quick Clear Knife Grade is great for bonding cast stone. Particularly well-suited for light colored and white marble surfaces. Quick Clear Knife Grade from Wood & Stone is great for use on vertical surfaces indoors and out.


As mentioned this adhesive is a translucent polyester that cures water clear and has a fast set time. Because of this, Quick Clear matches well with lightly colored stone like limestone and marble but it is not limited to only those shades. Another application that this Wood & Stone product works well for is laminating slabs or consolidating stone surfaces. If you're searching trying to find glue for bonding stone to stone, you have come to the right place. In addition to lamination, this adhesive is used for repairing and patching broken stone. Scenarios where you need to affix one piece of stone to another using glue that needs to be spread without running is a great fit for Quick CLear Knife Grade.

Available Colors

Knife grade water clear polyester is easily colored to match your particular stone. Using multiple colors, you can create the perfect color for your project. When mixing creating colors for your material, the best color results from coloring the adhesive to a slightly darker shade than the stone you are bonding.

Directions for Use

Using Wood & Stone works best when used following the guidelines we will go through next. We will break the directions up into three specific phases of use:

  1. Preparing the Surface
  2. Applying the Adhesive
  3. Clean Up

Preparing Surfaces

To prepare the bonding surfaces, remove any moisture, grease, oil, debris, and dust. In other words, thoroughly clean the surface of the stone; removing all substances from it and drying it completely prior to bonding. We recommend roughing up the surface before bonding. It is true that polyesters will bond moist surfaces, but it is not recommended. Using on a completely dry surface that has been roughed up slightly will yield a much stronger bond that gluing a moist, smooth surface. This product does not bond with polyethelene plastics. As a result, these are the best containers to use when mixing this two-part adhesive.

Applying Quick Clear Knife Grade

When using polyester coloring paste, be sure to mix the coloring paste with the mastic before adding the hardening liquid (MEKP) to the mastic. Mix 1 oz. of mastic with 20-30 drops of hardener. It is important to measure the amount of hardener to get the best consistency and color. Too much hardener will cause yelowing and weaken the bond strength. Too little hardener and the mixture will not cure. Ambient temperature also plays a role in how the glue cures. A warmer temperature speeds up the curing process and a cooler temperature will slow it down. Temperatures below freezing (32°F) will prevent the curing process and will require heating the mixture to to start the curing.

At 68°F the adhesive is workable for about 6-12 minutes before gelling occurs. Once the gelling begins, the adhesive should no longer be worked. After 5-7 hours at a temperature of 68°F, grinding, milling, and drilling can be performed on the bonded material. Also, achieving a thin bond layer of less than 0.015" provides the stongest bond. To accomplish this, use jigs and clamps. Once the stone has cured, the remainder of the processing may be performed without damaging the material.

Cleaning Up

Clean up after using Quick Clear Knife Grade is relatively simple. You may clean the equipment using toulene or acetone. Waterless hand cleaner may be used for for cleaning up the hands; an appropriate solvent such as Cupran is also suitable for cleaning the hands after use.

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